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The following Terms have been inspected and approved by Trading Standards

By Placing an order or commission you are accepting our Terms of Business. We enter into this contract with you with the intention that all the terms of the contract between us are included in writing in this website or in these Terms of Business

1    On booking the stated price for all orders shall remain for the year of your wedding

2    A commission or order must be accompanied by correct and sufficient information to enable us to proceed in a satisfactory manner. Any changes to our booking agreement should be confirmed in writing or by email by both parties to avoid any potential future confusion

3     DEPOSIT If the customer cancels their booking with us then we will endeavor to book another wedding for that day. If this is not possible then money paid to that date will be forfeited. Please also see our cancellation policy below

4    Whilst every care is taken to fulfil your requirements we cannot be held responsible or liable for any failure to produce any of the services mentioned in this website, if a failure is caused by processes which are beyond our control. If a photo shoot list is provided we will endeavor to take these shots but cannot promise they will all be taken as circumstances and the decisions of the photographer will dictate the final outcome

5    THE FINAL BALANCE less deposits is due before your wedding day. If remittances are to be posted, cheques and postal orders should be made for photos to "The Wedding Photo Company" and sent to our Head Office 26 Camp Rd Farnborough Hants GU14 6EW. Please also see our cancellation policy below

6    ENQUIRIES and any additional information can be obtained by writing or telephoning 01252 522012

7    DIGITAL FILES and COPYRIGHT of all images and video footage we take remain the property of The Wedding Photo Company. These can be purchased. If purchased we then share the copyright with you only. We reserve the right to use any images for promotional use. The copyright for all video work remains with The Wedding Photo Company

8    WEDDING ALBUMS are included only in our Album packages the album choice will be a Spicer Hallfield Chatsworth dark blue unless other arrangements have been made.
Completed Wedding Albums can be collected from our shop or we can post at a cost of £15:00

9     INTERNET All bookings made on the internet will receive a Booking Confirmation.

10 STORYBOOK The amount of photos to select should not exceed 120.
We will not be responsible for the images in the final book being wrong or faulty in anyway please ensure you select the correct photos and check your proof to ensure you are happy with your selection and the layout
If a Graphi Studio album has been ordered you will receive a digital proof for you to check.
The size of your Graphi Studio album will be approximately 35 x 25 cm.
The parents books are A6
The Graphi Studio albums can take upto 8 weeks after order has been placed, our standard books take around 4 weeks
ALL other Storybooks will be left to our design and interpretation as there is no proofing offered by the printers of these books. It i
s not possible (due to the amount of pages in the book and the individual design of each page) for the customer to have any influence on this.
The Standard story book size is 30cm x 30 cm or A3 depending on your order
The reprinting of the £700 standard storybook is £200. The A3 storybook is £250
Graphi Studio reprinting P.O.A

11 PACKAGES If the Bridal Preparation is ordered we shall arrive around 1 - 1/2 hours before the service.
For Package A including reception or Package B/C we shall stay until you sit for the wedding breakfast.
We can stay until dancing, this will be an extra cost. All storybook packages include the First Dance.
If your package is A you will need to select 60 digital iamges. B, C, D & E packages you will select 200 digital images
Extra time for photography is charged at £75 per hour

The interpretation of the photography and video is solely down to the photographer and videographer, they will select and choose images they believe will cover your day. Any requests for specific shots or footage should be made before the day by email as on the day this may be difficult as the photographer or videographer would have planned there shoot for your wedding
With the disk ordered this will included all images taken, we cannot and do not guarantee that every image taken on the day will be perfect as you will probably have several hundred images on there and it is not possible every time we take a photo to make it perfect. If a list of photographs is provided we will endeavor to take those shot but do not guarantee this due to circumstances and events that may happen during the course of the day.

12 VIDEO Before or on the day please ensure we have your music for swift production of your film.
The editing and final look of the film is solely down to our discretion and cannot be re-edited once complete at the rate of your Package price. Any further work to your film will be at the rate of £75 per hour.
We cannot be responsible for battery failure or any camera failure during any part of the recording, this includes card or tape failure. Due to every wedding being different any the length of each video will vary and any timings seen on our web sites on duration are only a guide. The editing is done by our professional film editor. It is never possible to release un-edited material. We use digital files and to do this would involve the same process as actually producing your film. The Wedding Movie package does not include music. To add music to The Wedding Movie the rate of £90 per hour applies.

a. Please email your problem in the first instance. We will then look not the matter and respond with in 28 days
b. If you have received and album or video and you have a problem you will then return the album by post and we shall look into the matter.

14. SUSTENANCE It is expected where jobs are greater than 5 hours your videographer and or photographer is provided with a light meal and drink

15. TIMINGS We would normally expect to finish at 8:00pm if a Storybook or Directors Cut package have been ordered. If you go over the hourly limit for your pacakge then the cost per hour past this point £75 per each hour.

For weddings and events, if for any reason the Client cancels before the wedding date, we will keep the the event booking fee paid to hold the wedding or event date as a cancellation fee. Cancellation must be made in writing and sent via Certified Mail or by email. If the wedding or event is cancelled 1 week or sooner than the wedding or event dateor the final balance remains unpaid 1 week before the wedding or event date then the whole balance wil be owed, as we will be unable to fill the date with another wedding or event. It will presumed the client has cancelled if the balance is outstanding. However, if the client requires to change the wedding date, we will do our best to accommodate and no cancellation fee will be charged as long as the new date is available and within five months of the original event date. Otherwise the new date will be subject to current rates if applicable. If we are not available for the new date, the original contract will be cancelled and subject to the cancellation policy.

17. PROMOTION We reserve the right to use any photo or video footage for promotional use



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