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Coffee table books

We pride ourselves in producing affordable Story photo books from your wedding photos, wether you have ordered a basic package or full album package you can order your own personally bound wedding book of your day

The cost for our x-large book (30cm x 30cm) is £250 on top of your first order

Story book package extras

If you have already ordered a story book and require extra books the costs are as follows

Extra Large Book 30cm x 30 cm £200

Smaller book size is 20x20cm. There are three options for the cover style:
booklet (paper cover) = £55 each
soft cover = £70 each
hard cover (same as the main book) = £80 each

We can do two hard cover books for £150

Graphi Studio Story book package extras

Parents A5 books are 2 for £250

Parents/Friends A6 books are 4 for £250




  Coffee table books